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Apple Computer Repair

Apple computer repair services

Apple Computer Repair is one of ITKATRAM computer service services and we have over 7 years of experience in Apple Computer Repair.

When you bring your Apple computer to us, we will do a computer diagnostic and will contact you within the next two days to announce the results of the diagnostics and the cost of repairing your Apple computer.

After your approval, we will begin repairing your computer. The duration of computer repairs depends on the complexity of the problem, our workload, and the availability of parts.

IT KATRAM computer service also repairs laptops, tablets and desktops of other manufacturers. IT KATRAM provides Apple computer repair services to companies as well.

ITKATRAM Computer Service repairs Apple MacBook Pro laptops, upgrades Apple MacBook Pro laptops, and replaces Apple MacBook Pro laptops.

Thanks to this service, I have come to believe that there are honest people in the business.
Fast, high quality, economically sound and professionally repaired all the defects in my macbok. Another service asked me for 3x more for the same defects. Thanks a lot for the professionals. I will recommend to others.

Services with quality and warranty

Diagnostics (diagnostics are not included in case of repair)20.00
Physical care30.00
System Maintenance25.00
Systems and physical maintenance total40.00
Installing Mac OS Drivers15.00
Reinstalling Mac OS30.00
Reinstalling Mac OS with File Save55.00
Virus cleaning20.00
Transfer of data20.00
Component change (battery, keyboard, RAM, HDD / SSD, wireless card, fan) strating from20.00
Component repair (matrix, matrix cable, motherboard, cabinet, hinges, speakers) from35.00
Sockets USB, internet, audio, repair40.00
Sockets – charging – repair30.00
Charger repair (cord replacement, defective battery replacement)25.00

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Apple imac datoru remonts

Apple iMac Computer Repair

apple macbook pro remonts

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop LCD Screen Replacement – $ 35.00 + screen price
Apple computer LCD cable replacement from 25.00 EUR
Replacing the USB port on an Apple MacBook Pro laptop (reloading) – 40.00 EUR
Apple MacBook Pro Laptop LAN Port Replacement – 40.00 EUR
Apple MacBook Pro AUDIO jack replacement – 40.00 EUR
Apple MacBook Pro Laptop Power, Charger Jack Replacement – 30.00 EU
Apple MacBook Pro keyboard replacement from 20.00 EUR + keyboard price.
Other Apple MacBook Pro Repairs – Price Depending on the Problem and Parts Needed For other rmeont prices, please call or write to WhatsApp on +371 25212008.

ipad plansetdatoru remonts

Apple iPad tablet repair

Change the screen and glass of your Apple iPad tablet

iphone mobilo telefonu remonts

Apple iPad tablet repair

Change the screen and glass of your Apple iPad tablet

Popular problems with Apple computers

  • Your iMac or MacBook doesn’t shut down
  • Your MacBook makes a strange sound
  • Your MacBook gets very hot
  • Your MacBook won’t run without power
  • Your MacBook shows a black or blue screen at startup
  • FaceTime camera image quality has become poor
  • External hard disk or usb flash memory is not recognized by the computer
  • The MacBook screen twitches
  • The sound of your MacBook sometimes disappears or doesn’t exist at all
  • Your MacBook or iMac computer has started to run very slowly
  • The MacBook laptop does not charge when the charger is connected

If your computer has any of these problems or other problems, or you want to improve the performance and performance of your Apple computer, feel free to contact our service and we’ll help you!  +371 25212008

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