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Laptop repair

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Laptop repair services

Looking for a computer repair service to repair your laptop? Bring your laptop to ITKATRAM laptop repair service and our experts will repair your laptop in good quality and in a short time. Laptop repair is one of the most popular services, so our computer repair service has big experience and deep knowledge to repair any laptop.

IT Katram tablet and computer repair service also specialises in desktops and tablet repair, smartphone repair, data recovery and computer maintenance.
If your laptop does not turn on, that is, there is no sound and no lights and nothing happens when you press the power button on your computer, bring your laptop to an IT repair service and we will do diagnostics!
If a black or blue screen appears when you turn on your laptop – we know how we can help you solve this technical problem!
Does the laptop restart by itself when it switches on? This does not mean that everything is lost and the laptop is no longer usable, the problem is probably much less than it looks and it can be solved by a laptop repair!

In many cases, repairing a laptop is a better option than buying a new computer. ITKATRAM will perform a computer diagnostic of your laptop within 1-2 days at a computer repair service. Diagnosis will be free if you choose to make repair in our computer repair service.

After the computer diagnostics ITKATRAM computer service staff will contact you and tell you the cost and duration of your laptop repair. If you decide not to repair your computer after the diagnosis, the fee for the computer diagnostics is 20.00 EUR.

If you do not need a computer diagnostic and you already have a problem or upgrade that you would like to make to your computer – you can come to our computer service with your laptop component and ITKATRAM service staff will install the computer component you brought.

ITKATRAM Computer Service has huge experience in repairing  ASUS, Helwett Packard (HP), MacBook Pro, ACER, Fujitsu Siemens, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba laptops, Lenovo, Benq, Sony, Packard-bell and other laptops.

Our computer service has the most experience in repairing ASUS, Helwett Packard (HP) and ACER laptops.

Quality and Warranty Service (Laptop Repair) EUR
Diagnostics (diagnostics are not included in the case of repair) 20.00
Phycical Cleanup

Gaming laptop



System cleanup 30.00
Full system checkup and cleanup 50.00
OS draivers installation 15.00
Virus removal starting from 20.00
Data transfer 15.00
Component change (battery, keyboard, RAM, HDD / SSD, wireless card, fan) from starting from 10.00
Component change (matrix, matrix cable, motherboard, cabinet, hinges, speakers) from starting from 25.00
Sockets USB, internet, audio, repair 30.00
Sockets – charging – repair starting from 30.00
Body repair starting from 20.00
Hinges repair starting from 30.00
Charger repairs (cord replacement, defective battery replacement) 15.00
Replace broken / lost keyboard keys starting from 5.00

Laptop maintenance and performance improvement

Is your laptop slow, your laptop is slowing down and it is taking a very long time to load programs? Laptop heats up a lot? The first thing that can help will be the maintenance of your computer, because when you use your computer, dust accumulates on your computer, the thermal paste on your laptop dries, your computer may have viruses and computer system files are not organized. Servicing your computer can solve these problems. Of course, maintenance may not always help, so you need to perform maintenance diagnostics to determine if any other component of your computer is malfunctioning and needing repair or replacement to a more powerful one.

Laptop keyboard repair

Tea, coffee or any other liquid spilled on the laptop? In this case, the laptop needs to be diagnosed. If your diagnostics reveal you only need a keyboard replacement, you’re in luck! If the laptop keyboard is folded in, the best solution is to replace the laptop keyboard.

Laptop keyboard replacement “IT Katram” computer service – no 30.00 EUR + keyboard price.

LCD screen replacement for laptops

If your laptop screen has stains, streaks, scratches or portions of the screen that are white, black, or other colors, the LCD screen of your laptop may be damaged.

Laptop LCD screen replacement in ITKATRAM computer service – 25.00 EUR + screen price.

If your laptop screen has lost light and cannot see nearly anything on your laptop screen, your laptop screen inventory may be damaged, and repairing or replacing your laptop inventory will help.

Portable computer inventory replacement at “IT Katram” computer service – 8.00 EUR + inventory price

Laptop LCD cable replacement at “IT Katram” computer service from 25.00 EUR

Laptop body repair

Cracks may appear in the body of the laptop. The body of the notebook may be damaged as a result of an impact. Laptops may have broken hinges and the lid of the LCD screen of the laptop. These problems can be solved by repairing laptops – replacing broken parts (replacing a laptop hinge, replacing a laptop case, etc.) or soldering the case in the event of a case.

The cost of repairing laptops depends on the complexity of the design of the particular laptop model and the cost of replaceable parts. During the repair of laptops, we have noticed that the most common cracks appear in the cases of Acer and Asus laptop computers, as well as problems with computer hinges. “IT For Everyone ‘it is high quality and fast repair of laptops.

Clearing / restoring a forgotten computer password

Forgot your computer password and can’t log in to your Windows user? “IT Katram” service can help and with the help of special software clear the forgotten password. Bring your computer to “IT Everyone” computer service or call a computer technician home and the computer service technician will remove the forgotten password and you will be able to access your files again freely.

Virus scanning and removal

One of the reasons why a laptop has suddenly started to run several times slower may be the result of computer viruses. If you notice something suspicious on your laptop, such as a laptop doing something by itself, it is very likely that a computer virus is stealthily running on your computer. Bring your laptop to diagnostics and IT IT Specialists will diagnose the problem within one to two days. If your laptop is found to have viruses, it will be eliminated and you will have a secure paid or free antivirus program, at the customer’s choice, which will further protect your laptop from unwanted computer viruses.

By visiting various websites on the Internet, as well as downloading software and files of unknown origin, e-mail attachments, your computer can become infected and start living. If you notice a sudden malfunction of your computer, for example, the computer disappears, or all windows start to open themselves, you may have a virus on your computer. IKATRAM Computer Repair Service will help you free your computer from viruses and set up security settings to protect your computer from viruses.

Installing operating system drivers

Installing Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 10 Drivers on Your Computer.

Laptop battery replacement

Is Your Laptop Not Working Without Power? ITKTARAM Laptop Repair Services include replacement of laptop components, including laptop battery replacement.

Laptop repair after contact with Liquid

If you have just flushed your laptop with water, coffee, tea, ketchup or other liquids and it has just happened, in some cases it is possible to rescue your laptop. If this is the case, immediately disconnect the laptop and remove the battery. Bring your laptop to our service and we will diagnose and clean your computer if it can be rescued.


Installing licensed software on a laptop

We can install application software, applications or operating systems for your laptop. We install paid software from your discs!

We also provide laptop repair and maintenance services to companies.

Need to move data from your old PC or another PC to your new PC? We can transfer your data from your old computer’s hard drive to the new one. Bring your old and new PC or old hard drive and new PC and we will transfer your data!

Laptop Socket / Port Repair

Before connecting a USB device to your laptop, make sure you insert it properly into the USB port. Incorrectly inserting USB plugs into the port can lead to port breakage, which can result in the USB port becoming unusable and requiring the laptop’s USB port to be repaired. If USB devices are suddenly no longer appearing on the laptop when you connect the laptop, the port may be damaged and you may need to change the USB port on the laptop.

Replacement of USB port (remodeling) of portable computers in “IT Katram” computer service – 30.00 EUR

If you connect a network cable to your laptop, the computer does not appear to have a network cable attached, but when you connect the same network cable to another laptop, the same network, another computer shows a network cable attached – the LAN port on your laptop may be damaged and computer repair.

Laptop LAN port replacement at “IT Katram” computer service – 30.00 EUR

No sound when connecting headphones to a laptop? The headset may be defective or the computer may not have the correct configuration configuration, but the audio jack on the laptop may also be damaged.

Laptop AUDIO jack replacement “IT Katram” computer service – 30.00 EUR

When you connect a charger to your laptop, the laptop suddenly stops charging, but the light on the AC Adapter is working? The charger jack on the laptop may be defective.

Laptop power, charger socket replacement “IT Katram” computer service – 30.00 EUR

At ITKATRAM Service replaced my old MacBook pro HDD hard drive with SDD hard drive. I was so happy when I saw the result that the computer was running three times faster! And I can work with Photoshop and other programs with no problem! Thank you!

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Warning from poor quality Laptop chargers! Recently we have noticed that very often laptop computers are being brought to the service with motherboard problems.

Damage to the motherboard results from the use of poor quality chargers. Nowadays, cheap chargers from China with no built-in protection have become popular. These chargers can burn your laptop’s motherboard. This year, we have already replaced the motherboards of many computers because customers have used low-quality chargers ordered on the Internet. The situation is similar with poor quality Laptop batteries.

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