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The computer cleanup  ensures normal operation of the computer. ITKATRAM computer service provides physical, system and full maintenance as well as computer repair.

Computer physical maintenance

Keeping your computer dust-free is a preventative measure to improve the speed of your computer, make your computer quieter and more efficient, and reduce your electricity bills (an uncleaned computer works with an extra load and consumes more electricity ).

Practice has shown that most problems with computer components are caused by dust. Dust that accumulates on the computer fan and radiator interferes with the computer’s performance by preventing the fan from cooling the computer sufficiently, causing the computer to overheat and begin to “slow down”. The fan runs at peak load, the computer heats up, and the processor or other computer components may burn. Dust accumulated on your computer can cause serious damage to your computer components. Particularly in wet weather, autumn and spring, the thick layer of dust that accumulates on the computer components absorbs moisture and conducts electricity, resulting in short circuits that can cause irreversible damage to the computer components.

A computer that is malfunctioning due to accumulated dust runs at an extra load, thus consuming more electricity. Regularly dusting your computer can reduce the amount of power the computer generates.

The dust layer that accumulates between the computer fan and the radiator interferes with the cooling system, the computer does not flow smoothly, the computer components become hot, the computer fan runs at an additional load, which can burn computer components, including one of the computer’s most important components. In the event of computer components being burned down, repairs can cost up to ten times more than timely maintenance.

Perform maintenance on your computer if you notice that:

– The computer heats up.
– Slow down computer speed
– computer often hangs
– Computer system “error messages” often appear
– the computer starts for a long time and sometimes the computer does not turn on at all;
– computer fan, become louder;
– slowing down your computer while listening to music, watching videos or working with computer programs;
-the computer shuts down by itself;


Physical maintenance of computer (dusting of computer only) 25.00 EUR
Computer system maintenance (system repair) 25.00 EUR
Full computer maintenance (dusting your computer + cleaning your system) 35.00 EUR

Full computer maintenance
Full computer maintenance includes the physical maintenance of your computer and the organization of your computer system: defragmenting the disk, scanning and deleting viruses, disabling unnecessary processes, organizing system files, installing updates.

Business services for companies here.

VSimple computer maintenance is done by keeping client files and software.

Gallery – physical maintenance of desktops to get rid of dust

Full computer maintenance

During full computer maintenance, physical maintenance of the computer and organization of the computer system is performed: defragmenting the disk, scanning and deleting viruses, disabling unnecessary processes, organizing system files, installing updates.

Physical computer maintenance (Dust cleaning only)

Gaming laptop

35.00 EUR

55.00 EUR

Computer system maintenance (system cleanup) 30.00 EUR
Full computer maintenance (Dust cleaning + System cleanup) 50.00 EUR
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