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ITKATRAM hardware service also deals with data recovery and restoration.
If your storage device is damaged or your computer no longer recognizes it, have you accidentally deleted photos or other information you want to recover from your camera?

Alternatively, if the device is physically damaged and you cannot access the data or the data has been lost due to a virus, we can help you recover it from the following data stores:

Diagnostics – 20,00 EUR. (payment for diagnostic does not apply if data recovery or repair is performed)

Datu atjaunošana no hdd, datu atgūšana no cietā diska

Hard Drives (HDD) from 60.00 EUR

Hard drives (SSD, M.2, M Sata) from 80.00 EUR

Datu atgūšana no USB zip atmiņām Planšetdatoru un datoru serviss

USB Flash Memory from 40.00 EUR

all types of memory cards Micro SD, mini SD, (Phone, Camera) from 30.00 EUR

Datu atjaunošana no SD kartēm

Here are some things to keep in mind to maximize your data recovery:

It should be borne in mind that there is a 95% chance of successful data recovery. The other 5% are aggravating circumstances that may prevent 100% recovery of all data or prevent any recovery at all.
The price may be affected by the condition of the equipment and the amount of data you wish to recover.
Data recovery and restoration can be very helpful if you need to recover some important information, documents or photo gallery that was important to you.

In the event of accidental deletion, do not attempt to recover the data yourself
Remove the memory card (or other storage device) from the device and do nothing else with it
Never write new data inside, for example, by deleting pictures from the camera’s memory card, and never post new pictures, as they may overwrite the old ones you want to recover.

IT KATRAM employees of the company have in-depth knowledge and experience for several years. We have helped a large number of businesses and individuals recover lost data from various devices, computers and even servers.
The data recovery process is a time consuming process that requires diligence and patience. ITKATRAM hardware repair service uses special software and equipment to ensure the highest quality data recovery and recovery.
Customer satisfaction with the work we do is important to us.

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