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Desktop computer repair

Datora komponenšu remonts Planšetdatoru un datoru serviss IT KATRAM

Desktop computer repair

If you are looking for experienced and reliable professionals to outsource your desktop PC repair, you are in the shortest place! One of the core specializations of ITKATRAM computer repair service is desktop computer repair.

We will diagnose your desktop computer within 1-3 days and as soon as the diagnosis is complete, we will call you to tell you the diagnostic results, the cost of repairs and how long your computer will be repaired.

Thanks to our many years of operating experience and the qualifications and expertise of computer repair technicians, we will accurately diagnose the problem and determine the time needed to complete the repair! In addition, if you choose to repair your computer with us, diagnostics will be free!

If, for any reason, you decide that it is not worth the computer repair, the cost for your computer diagnostics and our time to diagnose the problem will be 20.00 EUR.

Desktop computer repairs, as well as other computer hardware repairs, are done locally at our computer repair service in Riga, as we have all the tools, equipment and technicians we need to provide high quality and complete computer repairs at our service.

Customers trust ITKATRAM service because we have proven ourselves over the years. We also provide services to companies, please see the ITINDUSTRY website for companies.

Services with quality and warranty EUR
Diagnostics (diagnostics are not included in the case of repair) 20.00
PC Cleanup 35.00
System Cleanup 30.00
System and physical Cleanup 50.00
Installing OS Drivers 15.00
Virus removal
starting from 20.00
Data transfer 15.00
Component change (RAM, HDD / SSD / ODD, fan, video, sound, network card) starting from 10.00
Component replacement (motherboard, power supply, housing) starting from 20.00
Sockets USB, internet, audio, repair 30.00
Sockets – charging – repair starting from starting from 30.00
Motherboard repair starting from 25.00
Power supply repair starting from 15.00

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videokartes remonts it katram

Desktop computer repair – Video card repair / replacement

If the computer turns on but a black screen appears when you turn on your desktop computer, your computer’s video card may be damaged.

The video card in its memory generates a video signal which is displayed on the monitor. Many motherboards already have a video adapter built-in, which is typical of less expensive portable and personal computer, but for better performance use a video card that is on a separate board and is inserted into a dedicated slot on the motherboard. Video cards are classified by motherboard interface interface – IIS, MCA, VLB, PCI, AGP, PCI-X, PCI Express, VGA. The video card is based on a graphics processor that provides a visual representation of the display. Video card performance is determined by the graphics processor clock frequency and the size of the built-in memory. The world’s largest video card manufacturers are NVIDIA and ATI.

Computer graphics card replacement 10.00 EUR + video card price

Desktop PC video card prices start from 22.00 EUR, depending on manufacturer, type, memory size, resolution support.

Tīkla kartes remonts it katram

Computer network card repair / replacement

If your desktop computer is suddenly unable to access the Internet and your Internet connection has been lost for a long time, you should first check if another computer is running the same network cable if possible. If this is not possible, make sure the network cable is securely plugged into the ports, and then restart the computer if it does not help to contact your Internet service provider. In such cases, carefully check for physical damage to the network cable, if possible using a different network cable. If your ISP says everything is fine and you have checked your Internet connection to another computer or device but your desktop computer does not have an Internet connection, your computer’s network card may be damaged.

Computer network card replacement 10.00 EUR + network card price

Network cards cost from 4.00 EUR, depending on the manufacturer and type.

RAM operatīvās atmiņas remonts

Changing the RAM of a stationary computer

If a black screen appears when you turn on your desktop computer and the BIOS sounds (beeps) from the desktop computer, turn off the desktop computer, unplug it, and verify that the RAM (RAM) is not removed – remove and insert the RAM by locking it again. If possible, you may want to test your computer with another RAM or have your computer serviced by a computer diagnostic. In this case, there may be several possible causes, and one of them is non-existent RAM.

The main memory is directly linked to the central processing unit where it processes data. In order to process data or execute programs, the processor must first load into the main memory. All computer activity is like one big algorithm, which takes appropriate steps and commands. When bundling a computer, you need to know exactly what type of RAM your motherboard supports. Memory modules today come in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB capacities.

Replacing computer RAM (RAM) 10.00 EUR + RAM price

Pricing for PC RAM starts at 8.00 EUR, depending on its manufacturer, size and type.

Stacionārā datora ventilatora remonts

Desktop computer fan repair / replacement

If a stationary computer fan starts making a loud noise or stops at all and the stationary computer shuts itself down from overheating, installing a new fan may help. Occasionally, the fan in the computer’s power supply may have to be replaced if the fan has stopped or makes a loud noise.

Computer fan replacement 10.00 EUR + fan price

The price of a computer fan starts from 2.00 EUR, depending on the size, type and manufacturer of the computer fan.

mātesplates remonts it katram

Computer motherboard repair / replacement

If your computer has a black screen when you turn on your computer, and your computer does not boot or make any sound, one of the many possible problems with your computer may be a faulty motherboard.

The motherboard is the largest component on the computer, and its main function is to ensure that the individual components of the system work seamlessly. Any motherboard has a central processor socket where the processor is inserted. The number of expansion slots depends on the type of motherboard and the manufacturer, the most common types of slots are: ISA, PCI, AGP. PCI-Express. Most motherboards contain the following interfaces for peripherals: IDE controllers, Serial ATA controllers, USB ports, FireWire ports, Bluetooth, Ethernet interface, SCSI, parallel port, serial ports. When buying a motherboard, it has two decisive parameters. First: the manufacturer, because it depends on how good the computer will be. Second: a chipset is on this motherboard. World-renowned boards manufacturers: ASUS, AOPEN, Intel, ABIT, MSI, Gigabyte, Biostar. It is not desirable to buy boards from other companies and even more so made in China. Any motherboard is based on a set of chips called a chip. World’s 3 leading chipset manufacturers: Intel, AMD and VIA Technologies. Complementing your computer support for motherboard components must be taken into account, with each motherboard being strictly defined.

Computer motherboard replacement no 45.00 EUR + motherboard price

The price of the computer motherboard is from 35.00 EUR, depending on the manufacturer, the amount, size and other options of ports, sockets, slots.

Reloading of computer capacitors

Reload capacitors from 10.00 EUR

Transistor reloading of computer from 10.00 EUR

Datora barošanas bloka remonts

Computer power supply repair / replacement

Power supply performance is measured in watts (W). As the name suggests, it supplies the entire system with electricity to keep the computer running. When purchasing a computer, care should be taken when purchasing the power supply, as the addition of powerful components may result in the power supply being unable to supply the system with sufficient power. Therefore, you should choose a power supply with sufficient power and even a spare to ensure the efficient operation of the computer components.

Recharging of computer power supply capacitors from 10.00 EUR

Computer power supply replacement 10.00 EUR

Power packs start at 15.00 EUR, depending on manufacturer and performance.

cietā diska (HDD) remonts it katram

Desktop Computer Repair – Hard Disk (HDD) Repair / Replacement

If a blue screen with white letters appears when you turn on your computer, it is very likely that you have a problem with your computer’s hard drive (HDD).

The hard drive is the main, and usually the largest, storage component on a computer. Operating system, installed software, movies, music – all stored directly on your hard drive. The hard drive is sometimes called the “C drive” because in Microsoft Windows, the letter “C” represents the primary partition. The world’s largest hard drive manufacturers are Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi. Hard drives are classified by type of connection: SCSI, PATA, SATA. The hard drive is connected to the motherboard and runs on a separate power cord from the power supply, similar to a motherboard or drive. Computer hard disks are extremely dangerous due to shocks and falls, which can cause physical damage to the hard disk. In the event of physical damage, the hard disk cannot be repaired. Physically damaged hard disks can only recover the information stored there.

Desktop HDD replacement 10.00 EUR + computer hard drive price.

Hard disk drives cost from 40.00 EUR, depending on capacity, manufacturer and capacity.

If your computer is running slowly, it heats up, and loud noises may result in dust accumulation on the computer fan, computer radiator, computer motherboard, and other computer components that interfere with the computer and cause the computer to run unevenly. Dust cleaning or maintenance of your computer can help in this situation. Read more about computer maintenance in the Computer Maintenance section.

Datora optiskā diskdziņa remonts it katram

Computer Optical Drive Replacement / Repair

Optical drive replacement 10.00 EUR + drive price.

DVD-RW drives cost from 15.00 – 85.00 EUR, depending on manufacturer and options.

Optical drives are ranked according to their performance – the CD-ROM drive is capable of reading information from a recorded CD, the CD-R and CD-RW are capable of recording and reading information from the CD, the DVD drive is capable of playing DVDs and the above types of compact discs, RW is capable of burning DVDs, which is four times the capacity of a CD. The latest type of optical drive is Blue-Ray, which can reach up to 100GB on dual-layer drives. Blue-ray discs are mostly used for high-definition video decoupling and console games.

Aizmirstas datora paroles nodzēšana/atjaunošana it katram

Clearing / restoring a forgotten computer password

Forgot your computer password and can’t log in to your Windows user? “IT Katram” service can help and with the help of special software clear the forgotten password. Bring your computer to “IT Everyone” computer service or call a computer technician home and the computer service technician will remove the forgotten password and you will be able to access your files again freely.

Datu pārnešana it katram

Data transfer

If you need to transfer data from another computer or other device and need help, we can provide you with such a service.

You may have purchased a new desktop computer or laptop and want to transfer all the information (pictures, documents, etc.) to the new computer. ITKATRAM computer service can assist you with data transfer and data transfer from your old computer or other devices.

Our service range includes not only desktops repair but also computer repair, maintenance and other computer repair and maintenance.

cietā diska (HDD) remonts it katram

Improving the performance of a desktop computer

If your computer stays slow, you may not always need to buy a new one, as your computer may just need to replace a component and your computer will be more powerful and you will be able to perform the tasks you need much faster. Sometimes  is enough for physical and system maintenance of your computer and your desktop computer gets much faster!

But you can make your computer even more powerful, for example by changing the data hard disk or RAM or video card. ITKATRAM computer repair service can perform “Upgrade” / upgrade of your computer with new components. You can come with your components if you have purchased them or buy them from us and our experts will recommend the most suitable solution for your computer.

We also provide Apple computer repair services.

What are the most common symptoms of problems with desktops?

Computers are an integral part of modern life, but sometimes they also cause unpleasant surprises when something is not working. If you have a problem with your desktop PC, bring your PC to ITKATRAM Computer Repair Service and we will get your PC up and running in no time, so you can keep up with your work, training or entertainment with the PC, without having to wait too long.

  • Death screen – A blue screen appears when you start your computer
  • Strange sound – it often happens that your computer needs maintenance because of dust or fun is demaged
  • The desktop computer suddenly restarts or shuts down
  • The desktop computer gets very hot
  • The desktop computer cannot be turned on
  • Damaged hard drive
  • Missing DLLs, DLLs are Windows operating system files that are essential to the normal operation of the OS
  • Error loading operating system – “Error Loading Operating System”
  • The desktop computer does not use all the RAM memory
  • The connected peripherals (printer, scanner, etc.) do not communicate with the desktop computer
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